The Next Evolution in Hair Loss Therapy

The FIRST ever SMT Laser Medical Device for hair loss, cleared by the FDA- IS HERE!


The patent-pending design of the AUXO devices are unlike anything in the market today. Engineered and designed by a team with years of experience in the hair loss industry they stand alone as the first hair loss device to use the more advanced SMT (Surface-Mount Technology) laser that provides a higher dosage and better coverage than what is available today.

Let's Grow

AUXO A300, A150 and AuxoPod are innovative hair regrowth systems with clinically proven technology.

AUXO devices utilize low level laser energy to enhance cellular regeneration and your natural reserves of nitric oxide. This then increases local blood flow to reduce inflammation and inhibit DHT production.

All AUXO devices (patent-pending design) are FDA cleared for safety and efficacy. AUXO's advanced technology provides an optimal environment for new hair growth and helps slow down the progression of hair loss in adults who suffer from androgenic alopecia.


LLLT or Low-Level Laser Therapy also referred to as PHOTOBIOMODULATION is clinically proven to reverse the miniaturization of hair follicles in adults with androgenic alopecia. LLLT was first cleared by the FDA in 2007 as a treatment for hair loss and has since grown in popularity through the use of several devices in the market.

The new AUXO devices with unique, patent-pending design provide a higher dosage, more energy, and superior coverage leading to better results than traditional laser diode devices. With a longer product life and innovative design, the AUXO devices are a premium product in the hair growth industry.

  • Auxo A300

    New Auxo A300

    A stylish, universal-fit device with advanced Surface-Mount Technology Lasers.

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