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Hair Loss Therapy

Experiencing hair loss? AUXO’s FDA-cleared hair growth laser devices use groundbreaking laser technology to treat and prevent hair loss. With AUXO, all you need is 10 minutes a day. Find out how AUXO can kick-start your hair regrowth journey! 

10 Minutes
a Day
FDA Cleared For
Men & Women
& Convenient

How It Works

AUXO devices use low-level laser therapy (LLLT),  to combat hair miniaturization through the process of photobiomodulation, using red light lasers to stimulate the hair follicles. AUXO is a drug-free, highly effective way to treat Androgenetic Alopecia. This treatment has been well-studied and is used clinically to treat males and females with pattern hair loss. All of our devices have been cleared by the FDA for safety and efficacy in the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia.

Auxo Technology

AUXO’s Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) is the first to be used in laser caps and laser combs cleared by the FDA for the treatment of hair loss. These laser diodes are engineered for optimal consistency and durability. The SMT Laser produces a beam of red light that is larger and more intense than lasers found in competitors’ products, delivering a higher dosage. You can see for yourself that the beam shape of the SMT laser is larger in comparison to other devices that use traditional lasers.

Auxo Coverage

AUXO provides significantly more coverage than most competitors’ devices, allowing diodes to reach donor areas and temples. This is extremely important for all individuals experiencing hair loss; for males, the device covers the temples, and for females, it covers diffuse thinning.

Comfort & Fit

AUXO’s flexible design and smooth silicone liner provides the perfect fit and adapts easily to most people. AUXO is made with EVA fabric and medical-grade silicone which makes the device more flexible and comfortable than hard shell devices.  

Testimonials Real people, real results!

I'm a model and I'm always looking for ways to take care and preserve my apparence. I use my AUXO while getting my makeup done every day. Love the results so far!

Elena C.

I was losing my hair and my wife showed up with an AUXO for my birthday, so I decided to give it a try, and the confidence boost is real.

John A.

I don't like to take medicine or use topical products unless it's the only option, my doctor recommended me AUXO and I love the fact that's a drug-free solution.

Anna N.

I have bad genes on both sides of family, most men are bald. As soon as I started losing hair I went to the doctor and he recommended me the AUXO A150, and it's working wonders!

Michael Z.

Physician Reviews

Extremely well constructed and easy to use laser devices. I have received compliments from my patients.

Dr. Lawrence Samuels

More energy is delivered to the skin on a laser-per-laser basis than any other cap brand or design available.

Dr. Ken Anderson

AUXO SMT laser diodes provide a deeper and wider penetration of the laser beam, stimulating the follicles like no other device.

Dr. Robert Leonard

The AUXO Advantage Regrow Your Hair & Get Your Groove Back

With decades of experience in the health and hair loss industries, the AUXO team sought out to design and develop the most advanced, innovative product to treat hair loss currently available on the market. We have produced the first ever SMT (surface mount technology) diode hair loss therapy devices that have been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. The technology in the A300, A150 and AUXOPOD is unlike anything else available in today’s marketplace.

  • 10Min. daily
  • 90%Success Growth*
  • 0Chemicals Used

Look Better, Feel Better!

We know how much your hair means to you and understand that losing it can be devastating. That’s why we set out to create a powerful yet convenient way to help regrow your hair.

  • Convenient at-home hair regrowth treatment
  • Safe, effective, and drug free
  • FDA-cleared for men and women
  • Physician recommended

Helps Prevent & Stop Hair Loss - and Stimulates New Growth

The AUXO A300 (physician only device) is the first of its kind to receive FDA clearance using the SMT diode technology. Along with providing a far more comfortable fit because of its flexible construction, it provides the patient with a higher dosage output that results in a more effective treatment that will yield better results faster. AUXO laser cap devices include up to 300 Lasers. This provides a higher dosage, superior coverage, and the best results. 

Your New Travel Companion

Regrow on the go - the AUXOPOD is the perfect fit for focused and spot treatments, and frequent travelers. It’s FDA-cleared and recommended by physicians, and offers 12 SMT lasers.

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The ideal candidate is an adult (18+ years of age) with mild to moderate hair loss or thinning hair, with a goal of regrowing hair and preventing further hair loss. 

Each AUXO device has a higher dosage of treatment, because of Surface Mount Technology and better durability. With 10-minute daily treatments results will begin to become visible as early as 3-6 months. AUXO is a convenient, easy, effective way to get healthier hair.

For optimal results, the recommended usage time for the Auxo A150 and A300 caps is 10 minutes per day, every day. Results are visible in approximately 3-6 months with daily use. For the AuxoPod, it’s recommended to use 2 minutes a day.

The AUXO devices use “cold lasers” – they give off no heat or harmful radiation, cause no pain, and do not require the use of drugs or topical applications.



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