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Auxo is the first and only hair regrowth device using groundbreaking SMT laser technology, delivering superior power and coverage. Experience a comfortable, flexible fit like never before, recommended by physicians and FDA-cleared.

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Our Technology vs. The Competitions

Traditional laser hair caps use a type of laser called through-hole lasers—or To-Can lasers. Traditional To-Can laser caps must be manufactured by hand, exposing the lasers to an electrostatic discharge during production. Electrostatic discharge—also known as ESD—is the single leading cause of premature laser-diode failure.

Through-hole lasers do not have glass to cover the laser window. This causes the laser to accumulate debris during production, which can cause malfunction of the laser and affect the beam and power output. Also, the through-hole laser soldering process can overheat the laser, affecting the laser’s performance.

This damage that occurs during the manufacturing of traditional laser caps may weaken the device, often without any external indicators. This decline in performance may appear long after the initial damage takes place. When this finally occurs, it might be falsely attributed to other causes and/or ignored by the user.

Results may include reduced power output, challenges with focus, change in divergence, and ultimately, failure to lase.

Other Brands use their hands - Leaving room for human error and potential laser damage

How Is SMT Laser Technology Different?

With SMT (Surface Mount Technology) lasers, the manipulation of the electronic process can be avoided because all the critical steps of the assembly have been executed by precision machines.

The SMT laser soldering process is more reliable and repeatable, due in part to the use of programmed reflow ovens. SMT laser devices offer a higher-quality product with more coverage than traditional through-hole laser devices. They’re also more flexible and lightweight.

Machine Laser Placement

Our diodes + Glass Cover

Machine Laser Placement

Our diodes + Glass Cover

Auxo uses machines for accuracy - Leaving no room for human error, ZERO laser damage


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