Q: Is the Auxo Universal AC Adapter for International Use?


A: The Auxo unit use a USB-C charging cable. When traveling International you will need a converter.


Q: Are Auxo lasers safe for women?


A: Yes. Unlike some prescription medications for hair loss, Auxo low-level laser therapy (LLLT) products are safe for use by women. In fact, the convenience and effectiveness of personal LLLT products makes the Auxo products the first choice among many hair restoration surgeons in our Auxo network who treat women suffering with thinning, shedding, or balding.


Q: Can I continue to use hair dye while undergoing laser light therapy with the Auxo cap?


A: Yes, you can. Using hair dye will not affect the efficacy of the treatment with your Auxo laser therapy device for hair regrowth.  Some users have even reported that their hair is regrowing in their natural color. 

It is unclear what factors may cause hair to regrow in its natural pigmented color. There is no research to date to explain this reported phenomenon.


Q: If you stop using the Auxo cap after seeing results, will the new hair fall out?


A: Auxo laser therapy is intended to be used indefinitely unless otherwise prescribed by a physician. It is important to continue using your Auxo cap, even once you have reached desired hair growth, to assure you do not lose results and revert to hair loss again.


Q: Do I need to use the Auxo cap at the same time every day, and if so, why?


A: Auxo laser therapy does not need to be used at the same time every day. Treat hair whenever it is most convenient for you, whether you’re drinking your morning coffee, brushing your teeth, or preparing for bed. We recommend that you develop a daily routine to assure compliance and get the most out of your Auxo laser device.


Q: How many treatments should I receive per full charge battery?


A: You should receive 2 treatment per full charge battery


Q: Can you use the laser cap with wet or damp hair?


A: We recommend using the Auxo Laser Cap with clean and dry hair for best results. Water is a light "bender" and "reflector"; the object of the treatment is to get the light directly to the scalp.

While we are not aware of any literature regarding the use of laser therapy while hair is wet or damp; for best results, we recommend using the cap on a clean and dry scalp.


Q: What are the hours of operation for Auxo’s Customer Service?


A: Our Customer Service Team can be reached at 1 (888) 410-2896, during the hours below:

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (ET) We are closed on several major holidays.


Q: Is the Auxo unit sweat proof?


A: The Auxo unit will not be damaged by sweat if conducting light during moderate exercise while completing treatment. However, activities that might knock a hat off your head are likely to be too strenuous to do while wearing the unit for best results, we recommend cleaning the device afterwards if used during exercise.


Q: What is the difference between FDA Approvals vs. Clearance?


A: Why do some medical devices & drugs have FDA approvals, whereas others only have FDA clearance? What is the difference?


The FDA only grants “Approvals” for drugs and medical devices that are either: 1) categorized as a Class III (which means they are life-threatening, life-sustaining, implanted or present unreasonable risk of injury or illness) or; 2) are new products that contain new materials or differ in design from that which is already on the market.


If there is a medical device that has already been approved by the FDA for the same intended use and similar in technical characteristics, then the FDA only grants “clearance” (pre-market approval) to market the new substantially equivalent medical device on the market.


Auxo laser devices are classified as Class II medical device and were substantially equivalent to comb and helmet predecessors on the market and thus not a candidate for the FDA approval process. 


Q: Where to find the serial number on my Auxo laser unit for warranty activation?


A: The serial number of your Auxo laser unit can be found on the back of the laser. Please refer to the image below.


Q: At what wavelength do Auxo laser unit operate?


A: Auxo laser unit emit lasers in the wavelength of 650 nm, which is a visible red-light band. A laser beam at 650 nm penetrates the hair follicle where it is necessary, unlike an LED diode which disperses and does not penetrate to the same depth to be effective.

All the devices cleared by the FDA for the specific purpose of treating androgenetic alopecia and promoting hair growth operate in the visible light range, specifically at or around 650 nm.


Q: Does the Auxo unit get hot?


A: No. Auxo are cool to the touch, meaning your LLLT treatment will be comfortable.


A few users have seen a very minor rise in temperature in the treatment area, however this is harmless while being administered and is probably due to heat naturally emitted from the covered scalp.


If you believe your device may be suffering an unusual rise in temperature, don't be afraid to contact us.


Q: Should my unit fit flush against my scalp?


A: The fit does not have to be snug on your scalp. Ideally the lasers should be 1-3 cm away from the scalp. The silicone liner ensures the minimum (1cm) distance; if the cap is resting loosely on your head, it is perfectly okay.


Q: Are there different sizes of the Auxo cap available?


A: Our Auxo unit is a one size which fits most head sizes.


Q: Can I travel with the Auxo laser cap on an airplane? Are there any restrictions? Will I have any issues with airport security?


A: Yes! You can travel with your Auxo laser therapy cap. In fact, we encourage you to do so to stay compliant with your treatment regimen. We designed our Auxo laser caps so that they would be convenient for travel. We have several features that make it easy to do so. Included with each device is a lightweight carrying case that protects your device for storage and travel.


If you decide to transport your device in a checked bag, you will need to put the battery pack in your carry-on bag. Our batteries are rated 18.5Wh and fall below TSA travel restrictions of 100Wh; however, because the battery pack contains a lithium-ion battery, it cannot be checked in with baggage, as per TSA lithium-ion battery restrictions and must be carried on.