Why Surface Mount Technology?


AUXO devices are game-changers in the hair regrowth industry. Due to the use of powerful SMT lasers as opposed to traditional Through-hole lasers, in addition to a comfortable, flexible fit, there are no other products like AUXO currently on the market.


What are Through-Hole lasers? 


Traditional Laser caps use a type of laser called Through-Hole lasers—or TO-CAN lasers. Due to this type of laser, the devices have to be manufactured by hand, exposing the lasers to an Electrostatic discharge during production. Electrostatic discharge—also known as ESD- is the single leading cause of premature laser-diode failure.


Through-hole lasers do not have glass to cover the laser window. This causes the laser to accumulate debris during production, which can cause malfunction of the laser and affect the beam and power output. Also, the through-hole laser soldering process can overheat the laser.


This damage that occurs in the manufacturing process of traditional laser caps may weaken the device, but usually without showing any outward signs whatsoever. The resulting degradation in performance may appear long after the initial damage takes place. When this finally occurs, it might be falsely attributed to other causes and/or ignored by the user. Damages may not be apparent and may surface as a latent failure.


Signs of damage include reduced power output, a shift in threshold current, change in beam divergence, difficulty focusing, and ultimately, failure to lase.


The weight of through-whole lasers is 0.315g/piece.